“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect”Anaïs Nin


I don’t have any good reason to open a blog, nobody is going to read it in Italian let alone in English, but I’ll give it a try.

I’m waiting for a talented beatboxer from Norfolk to upload the video of the song of his that I like the most, but since he’s late as usual, I thought to do something productive. Because it often happens to me to say “this is the sort of thing I should write in my blog… if only I had one”.

It won’t be a blog about cooking (I’m intolerant to the fanatic of kitchen stations as much as I’m intolerant to gluten), or those sweet ones about babies and family (aren’t you fed up by how much they bug you at home? Do you really need to read about them in another person’s blog?), nor about crafting or fashion (how I choose clothes: is it black and/or with Union Jack on it? Does it fit me? Is it cheap? If the triple answer is “Yes” I buy it).

It won’t be either a too intimate blog, with lame posts, or beautiful sad poems or iconic pictures, nor a space where to vomit critics and malice.

I’ll write according to the mood of the day so the eventual reader might have an idea about who I am even if I’m a work in progress since I’m everything and its contrary.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Love we found- Intensi-t





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