“I just go where the guitar takes me” Angus Young

I hardly talk about the interesting people I know because people are more concerned in what they are rather in who they are or in what they have to say. I hate the word “famous” and the frenzy it generates, I’d really like that Tom who plays for a famous band would be seen the same way as Dick who works in a bank, but given that it isn’t like that, I keep my experiences for me or share them with who understand me or I write them here, that’s more or less the same that telling no one.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way of playing of the various musicians, above all guitarists and drummers, one of the first things I told JD was that he played the drums like Simon Phillips, and that’s not a cheap compliment.

Today I learned that instruments in a song are puzzled together as a function of their shape and size. Bass instruments are large, treble small (now I get why the kick drum is the biggest of the kit). Guitarists use different guitars as they were ingredients that can be used to manipulate impressions.

I’m lucky and proud to have the possibility to know so many musicians, better said, magicians, because just as for literature, music is the closest thing to magic for you create something that didn’t exist before.


TRACK OF THE DAY: While my Guitar gently weeps- Toto version



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