Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin” John Green

Can one be jealous of a place? I can since both my best friend and JD are in the Netherlands and my only incessant thought of these days is “I wanna be in Amsterdam”, but I have a thing called “family” so I’m trapped into a party (without wi fi) where I can practice my art of being here while I’m somewhere else.

Instead of complaining I’d have several things to be grateful for: my family, my best friend, my unbiological sisters and my unbiological nephew born this year, the concerts I’ve been to, the journeys I made,  the fantastic people I knew, the pages I wrote and the books I read, the little meliorations in my health and obviously JD and all the little things which enlarged my life instead of extending it only.

In this 2015 I leave stupid people, stans, fake friends, those who treat me as an object and not as a person, my gluten intolerance and all of these confining diseases the doctors can’t name.

But let’s stop with this patetic end of the year’s rite, I know very well that in spite of our good choices, all our best intentions, fate wins anyway.


TRACK OF THE DAY: American in Amsterdam-Wheatus



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