“Funny how a beautiful song could tell such a sad story”Sarah Dessen

Two years ago I was in London when two talented British lads started writing the song that would become my favourite one. At that time “Fight for you” by Jason Derulo was aired everywhere and I loved it because it was featured on “Africa” by Toto.

Last year I flew to London with a beautiful song in the phone, the only one besides The Cure’s “Trust” who made me cry at first listen. It wasn’t the melody (even if it’s sweet) to strike me, but the fact it tells the story of my life, it’s MY song and, twist of fate, it’s called “Fight for you”.

Today i look at the plane ticket that has once again London as its destination and I smile because the song I’m listening to it’s the same as the feelings it gives to me. This year my trip is going to be even better, there are new songs on the way, one has a cheekily Toto sound and if they don’t name it after me, I swear I dunk them in the Thames like tea bags.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Fight for You- Josh Devine, Ollie Green



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