“If you can’t change something you don’t like, change your attitude” Maya Angelou

I have changed a lot lately: feeling bad physically helped me to put things in perspective, I learned to recognize true friends, those who listen to me because they care and not to give me their opinion, those who give me incentives instead of making me mainstream.
I don’t get pissed off anymore, because those who can disturb our mood control us and life is too short to pass it getting angry with people who don’t deserve our attention, I prefer to dedicate myself to my interests and to people I am in tune with.

I complain less and only if I’m in physical pain, there are things I can not change, I have to accept them or live them with a less tragic attitude. I also learned to accept my depression instead of fighting it and to stop mistaking gratitude for what I have with real happiness

I stopped looking for others, to be always the one that takes the first step or the empathetic, since few have the grace to walk in my shoes instead of going up to the pulpit and judge me. Too often my fear of being alone made me stick to the wrong people, now I know who I can really rely on.

I realized that I will never be of those women who feel complete with shopping, who are proud of their home and crave the food processor for displaying their creations. Just give me a book to read or write, music, a walk along the sunny seaside, programming my next trip to make me happy.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Changes- David Bowie



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