“There is nothing new in art except talent” Anton Chekhov

Today’s subject is “when art meets art”, that is, what happens when two brilliant minds meet.

It all started about a month ago when Brendan, frontman of Wheatus and great man, posted a cartoon depicting two Ewoks that, in the guise of two Jehovah’s witnesses, sought to propagate their vision of Star Wars. He asked who the author was and I recognized suddenly the Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski whose works stimulate reflection on the social, political and economic life through satire. They are images that at first make you smile and entertain you, but then, if you look at them carefully, they show us the contradictions and problems of the world in which we live; exactly like Wheatus in their songs. If you remember them only for “Teenage Dirtbag” you have a lot of catching: their music is extraordinary. At first you are conquered by the rhythm, the cheerful melodies, but if you go through the lyrics, you’ll discover a profound condemnation of our society, or the condemnation of the bad habits of people.

I’m happy to have contributed, albeit to a very small part (with a link), to bring together these two “visionaries” artists, the result is the cover for the next single to be released soon, shortly anticipating the album number seven of the band from Brooklyn. This is the scene of a breakfast that instead of food, has pills and medicines. An example of alienation, of our drugged minds, a complaint against the American medicine that thinks to cure young people by putting them on meds? With BBB & Co. you never know, so waiting confidently for the new song to come out, I enjoy the good fortune of knowing such a lucid, critical person who knowsa lot, as Brendan is (and moreover he has collaborated with JD and Sandy, theyre working on new music, but nobody wants to tells me anything, nasty guys!)

TRACK OF THE DAY: Only You- Wheatus feat. Josh Devine & Sandy Beales




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