“Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary” Oscar Wilde

The topic of the literary context of this week was Speaking in music” and what better way to explain that than the story of a musicianwriter’s encounter? Because as I’ve already written, I find extraordinary that love could be immortalized, just by putting it into a story or a song. The feeling will eventually end, people will broke up or die, but what they had for each other will be eternal.
Unfortunately I’m a not very good writer, due either to the limit of a thousand characters, or to the fact that, given to so much reading and writing fan fiction, I just have a lot of theory, but little practice, the story wasn’t not able to convey everything I wanted.
But I put it here anyway. I titled it Yellow” as Coldplay’s song, the first one that has been played for me.


“-Do you know that if a musician falls for you, you will live forever?
A phrase told as a joke, but it was the key that allowed me to really understand your song. I found in the text of our conversations, the ones that go on until 4 in the morning, the pace is slow as the hugs that we find it hard to dissolve, the melody is as pleasant as those kisses on the cheek approaching dangerously to lips.
We’re in your studio: I scribble in my notebook waiting for the right inspiration, you’re playing the guitar; occasionally you take a break to write down something, or to see what I’m doing, but your cheeks inflames and your eyes lower when they meet mine. I smile: I never thought of being your own Michelle; I look at you one last time, then the pen slides on the paper having fun to make you step into the shoes of the protagonist of this story making you immortal as well because, you know, a writer fell in love with you”


“-Sai che se un musicista si innamora di te, vivrai per sempre?
Una frase detta scherzando, eppure è stata la chiave di lettura che mi ha permesso di capire davvero la tua canzone. Ho ritrovato nel testo le nostre conversazioni, quelle che si protraggono fino alle 4 del mattino, il ritmo è lento come gli abbracci che facciamo fatica a sciogliere, la melodia piacevole quanto quei baci sulla guancia che si avvicinano pericolosamente alle labbra.
Siamo nel tuo studio: scarabocchio sul mio quaderno in attesa della giusta ispirazione, tu stai suonando la chitarra; ogni tanto fai una pausa per annotare qualcosa, oppure per vedere cosa faccio, ma le tue guance s’infiammano e i tuoi occhi si abbassano se incontrano i miei. Sorrido: non avrei mai immaginato di essere la tua Michelle; ti guardo un’ultima volta, poi la penna scorre sul foglio divertendosi a farti indossare i panni del protagonista di questo racconto rendendoti, così, immortale perché, sai, hai fatto innamorare una scrittrice”

TRACK OF THE DAY: Yellow-Coldplay



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