“The wish for healing has always been half of health” Seneca

Too bad that my desire to stay healthy can do nothing against all the sicknessess that afflict me and staying in Latin area, I would add that gutta cavat lapidem. As well as various personal mess and depression that doesn’t leave me alone, I discovered a lump where my mom had cancer and therefore it should be removed immediately.

These are days where I oscillate between wanting to die and the will to do it against my body rowing against me. Luckily I have my best friend, JD, music, books and the ability to put in writing what I feel, otherwise the nonlife would have had the better of me.
I promise that the next article will be of general interest and not focused on this poor ugly duckling who will never become a swan. Stay tuned. (Recently a thirteen years old infected me with the “Unicorn Song”, so I addStay strong, stay calmy, stay ciccipalli ).


TRACK OF THE DAY: Canzone dell’unicorno-Tristram





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