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“Why walk when you can fly?”

I often read that people are unhappy because they aim too high or cultivate impossible dreams, that’s why they get easily frustrated; the advice given is always the same: focus on what you have and try to be happy with that.

I absolutely believe in finding happiness in little thing, because in the end, life is made of them, but I don’t agree with this making do with what we have. First because a human being without dreams is like a sea without water, second because we should try to make our life better one step at a time.

Yesterday I had a very bad day a sort of chain reaction originated by the same old problem, the only one out of my will: my filthy health. The pain from a toothache I can’t cure because I don’t have money since I can’t work, killed me and brought out a lot of other frustrations. First of them, not being in London to see Wheatus, there were also Ollie, JD and Sandy, so my crave to be there was bigger than usual. And today every pic or video of the gig, instead of making me happy, was a knife in the heart.

So, coming back to where I started, I don’t have big dreams: I just want to be healthy enough to get a proper job, earn enough money for what I need and leisures. And above all not to be forced in an abusive relationship only because I’m in need. I’m tired to be treated like shit only because I don’t earn money.

Sorry for the rant, when I started this blog I didn’t mean to turn it in a safety valve, but writing is the only thing that brings me relief.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Couldn’t be there- Gabrielle Sterbenz feat Lizzie Brown


“If you’ve got a talent, protect it” Jim Carrey

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife”. I’ve never liked Jane Austen (neither Charlotte Bronte did because, like me, she’s a passion over reason writer), even if my second grade English teacher was fond of her and tried to convince us about her greatness.

So, after this little digression, let’s start again: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a good musical taste, must be in want to write about it on her blog”. I like a lot of artists and when I say a lot I mean a lot for real and when I say I like, I mean that I can talk or write about their music for hours without getting tired. Many of them (The Cure, Toto, The Script, Ed Sheeran, 5SOS and probably Wheatus) don’t need to be introduced, this is a shout out for the skilled beatboxer Intensi-T, the angelic voice of a songwriter called Gabrielle Sterbenz, the energetic Rivers Monroe, the old but gold Seven band and my favourite duo, that is Josh and Ollie.

First of all forget about that Josh Devine who plays the drums for One Direction and focus on Josh and his ability to play some different instruments, to write lyrics that come directly from the heart and who can write a big range of different style songs. Are you there? Ok. Now add Ollie, another skilled musicians who owns his own label (Vertue music), who collaborated with a lot of different artists, who is able to write very relatable lyrics and excellent music. The aim of their music is not only entertain people, but to lift up their souls, encouraging them and giving them hope. The titles of the songs reminds of a battle against our fears and insecurities that have to be won: Through the fire, Fight for you, Don’t let it go, Jailhouse.

On the other hand they invite us to enjoy the little things and cherish our memories (Making memories, Here to stay, Never fade) and to live our lives at their fullest.

Grab their first EP here I’ll tell you when the second one comes out.

And since music speaks when words fail…

TRACK OF THE DAY: Through the Fire- Ollie Green & Josh Devine


“Learn from your dreams what you lack” – W. H. Auden

I’ve just added some celery to my fruit smoothie, now I feel like those whorish dancers who only talk about their body goals and cardio fitness. I hate celery, by the way.

A couple of weeks ago I found this interesting issue on a blog I’m following: “is it dangerous to achieve your dreams?”. I think it’s dangerous if we think that the happiness and the satisfaction will last forever, that once reached the top of the mountain we will never fall down. Nothing is permanent (good to know, since I don’t see the end of the dark tunnel of pain I’m in), it may happen that while we are enjoying the results of our hard work or of our luck, things change and then we feel betrayed, without the strength to climb another mountain or to set another goal.

We should simply learn to enjoy those moments of perfection until they last, without any expectation of forever or fear to lose them. One of the things I’m working on, is having no expectations about anybody or anything, to be happy when I achieve one of my dream, fully living it and try not to be broken when it ends. This last part is the hardest one, because I still have confidence in human being and above all in the beauty of my dreams.

I should be used to lose everything I care for. I’ve always been the second choice, the easy replaceable one, this killed my confidence. I should I’ve known I was destined to fail since when I was a child and while watching the anime Candy Candy, I hoped that her and Terence got married. A lame character ruined my childhood dream couple and that had became a constant of my life that a some point a whorish whining female being came to steal my loving one. Maybe one who drinks celery juice and loves cardio.

Sorry for the stream of consciousness: I’m reading “Ulysses” again.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Dreams- The Cranberries


“A smile abroad is often a scowl at home” Alfred Lord Tennyson

So, I recently found out the benefits of oil pulling. I’m not going to annoy you with the history or the ancient roots of this oral detoxification and I’ll go straight to the main point: does it works? After only a week of it, I can fiercely answer: yes, it does.

I got to know oil pulling thanks to JD who sponsors and expensive brand expertised in it, he probably had the set for free and was forced to say how much incredible it was. Then I thought, why should I spend 25€ for a two weeks program? And I searched for oil pulling on the web. I was amazed to find out that it was good not only for whithening teeth, but mainly for the health of the whole gums. And above all I discovered that my 5€ jar of coconout oil was perfect for that purpouse.

The process is simple, but it requires perseverance: you have to swish in the mouth a tablespoon of oil (I use coconout oil because it has a nice taste and a lots of benefits, but also sesame oil is good) for 15-20 minutes in the morning before eating or drinking anything. Some people complain about gag reflex (well I feel bad for your men), but honestly I had no problems.

Don’t swallow the oil because it’s full of all the bacteria it has literally sucked out from your mouth and spit it out in the trash cause coconout oil can clog up your plumbing. Then rinse your mouth with warm water (some add salt to improve antimicrobial properties) and at last brush your teeth.

The benefits claimed are many, included preventing cavities, boosting immune system and healing cracked lips. From my experience so far I can confirm it improves the quality of the breath, whitens teeth heals bleeding gums and reduces inflammation.

It’s really worth a try.

TRACK OF THE DAY: You’re never fully dressed without a Smile- Sia



“Certain memories can never fade” Haruki Murakami

When JD said that the upcoming song would have been “pretty emotional”, was probably joking. “Never Fade” is overwhelming and not only because of the piano that reminds me of my beloved Toto ballads, the string quartet or their perfectly melted voices, but because of its lyrics. When I first listened to it, I cried, I thought immediately to my friend Alessandra, who grew her wings too soon, when we were 17. JD got through a similar experience and turned the pain from his friend’s loss into a beautiful song, I wish one day I could write something about this sad and never overcame parentesis.


CicaOxwWsAE6jjy.jpg large

“Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer” Jean de La Fontaine

I’m going through a hard times, so I’m often nervous, depressed and I say things without reflecting too much. So it happened to hurt the last person on Earth I wanted to disappoint: my best friend. It’s a horrible feeling to be in a fight with the only person I trust completely, who can get me completely and loves me despite my many flaws.

All this pain leaded me to a consideration: that the feelings for a true friend are similar or even stronger than the ones for a lover, that any love song can easily be applied to friendship. And I had the evidence today, I was reading a post on a blog about break up and I could relate to any word. I miss my best friend when I’m sad and needy, but also when I have a joy to share; I often say “I should show/say this to my bestie”, but he’s not there. He barely answers to my texts, he says he needs time to trust me again, but you know, time is elastic, the more you want a thing to happen, the more it dilates.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Everything has changed- Ed Sheeran ft. Taylor Swift


“I move the stars for no one” Jareth the Goblin King

Ops I did it again. I won another 1000 characters contest.

I’m really sure that writing music and stories follows the same healing process, that those two arts are complementary and inseparable. I can’t write without music, I can’t listen to a song I love, without imagining a story.

The theme was “Labyrinth” and the first  thing that came on my mind was the movie with David Bowie; creating an omage to the White Duke was inevitable.

Here is my story, in Italian first, in English then.


Ziggy amava le canzoni di Bowie: se ne sentiva una si attaccava alle sbarre della gabbia muovendosi a tempo. Era sveglio, ogni volta che lo mettevo in un labirinto, non si appiattiva atterrito come gli altri, ma si ingegnava a venirne fuori, trovando l’uscita o l’esca in pochi minuti, quindi scelsi lui per affrontare il dedalo acquatico. Lo immersi nel liquido lattiginoso con delicatezza, dalla coda, facendogli guardare il bordo per non influenzarlo sulla direzione da prendere. In breve tempo riuscì a individuare la piattaforma di uscita che era nascosta pochi millimetri sotto il pelo dell’acqua.

Corsi a comunicare i risultati al Dottor Hog.

-Ziggy ha completato il labirinto di Morris in 15 secondi!

-Ziggy? N°9! Ci siamo messi a dare i nomi ai topi da laboratorio, adesso?

Fu allora che capii che la scienza non faceva per me: appesi il camice al chiodo e portai via Ziggy.

Ci trovate a Leicester Square, basta seguire la musica. Danzeremo per voi per qualche moneta o anche solo per un sorriso.

Ziggy loved Bowie songs: when he listened to one, he clung to the bars of the cage and moved in time. He was smart, every time I put him in a maze, he didn’t flattened terrified as the others, but he did his best to get out, finding the exit or the bait in a few minutes, so I chose him to face the water maze. I immersed him gently in the milky liquid, from the tail, making him look at the border for no influencing him on the direction to take. In a short time he managed to locate the exit platform that was hidden a few millimeters below the water surface.
I ran to communicate the results to Dr. Hog.
-Ziggy completed the Morris’ maze in 15 seconds!
-Ziggy? Number 9! Have we started giving lab rats names, now?
It was then that I realized that science was not for me: I hung the lab coat to a nail and took away Ziggy.
You will find us in Leicester Square, just follow the music. We will dance for you for a few coins or just for a smile.