“Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer” Jean de La Fontaine

I’m going through a hard times, so I’m often nervous, depressed and I say things without reflecting too much. So it happened to hurt the last person on Earth I wanted to disappoint: my best friend. It’s a horrible feeling to be in a fight with the only person I trust completely, who can get me completely and loves me despite my many flaws.

All this pain leaded me to a consideration: that the feelings for a true friend are similar or even stronger than the ones for a lover, that any love song can easily be applied to friendship. And I had the evidence today, I was reading a post on a blog about break up and I could relate to any word. I miss my best friend when I’m sad and needy, but also when I have a joy to share; I often say “I should show/say this to my bestie”, but he’s not there. He barely answers to my texts, he says he needs time to trust me again, but you know, time is elastic, the more you want a thing to happen, the more it dilates.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Everything has changed- Ed Sheeran ft. Taylor Swift



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