“A smile abroad is often a scowl at home” Alfred Lord Tennyson

So, I recently found out the benefits of oil pulling. I’m not going to annoy you with the history or the ancient roots of this oral detoxification and I’ll go straight to the main point: does it works? After only a week of it, I can fiercely answer: yes, it does.

I got to know oil pulling thanks to JD who sponsors and expensive brand expertised in it, he probably had the set for free and was forced to say how much incredible it was. Then I thought, why should I spend 25€ for a two weeks program? And I searched for oil pulling on the web. I was amazed to find out that it was good not only for whithening teeth, but mainly for the health of the whole gums. And above all I discovered that my 5€ jar of coconout oil was perfect for that purpouse.

The process is simple, but it requires perseverance: you have to swish in the mouth a tablespoon of oil (I use coconout oil because it has a nice taste and a lots of benefits, but also sesame oil is good) for 15-20 minutes in the morning before eating or drinking anything. Some people complain about gag reflex (well I feel bad for your men), but honestly I had no problems.

Don’t swallow the oil because it’s full of all the bacteria it has literally sucked out from your mouth and spit it out in the trash cause coconout oil can clog up your plumbing. Then rinse your mouth with warm water (some add salt to improve antimicrobial properties) and at last brush your teeth.

The benefits claimed are many, included preventing cavities, boosting immune system and healing cracked lips. From my experience so far I can confirm it improves the quality of the breath, whitens teeth heals bleeding gums and reduces inflammation.

It’s really worth a try.

TRACK OF THE DAY: You’re never fully dressed without a Smile- Sia




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