“Learn from your dreams what you lack” – W. H. Auden

I’ve just added some celery to my fruit smoothie, now I feel like those whorish dancers who only talk about their body goals and cardio fitness. I hate celery, by the way.

A couple of weeks ago I found this interesting issue on a blog I’m following: “is it dangerous to achieve your dreams?”. I think it’s dangerous if we think that the happiness and the satisfaction will last forever, that once reached the top of the mountain we will never fall down. Nothing is permanent (good to know, since I don’t see the end of the dark tunnel of pain I’m in), it may happen that while we are enjoying the results of our hard work or of our luck, things change and then we feel betrayed, without the strength to climb another mountain or to set another goal.

We should simply learn to enjoy those moments of perfection until they last, without any expectation of forever or fear to lose them. One of the things I’m working on, is having no expectations about anybody or anything, to be happy when I achieve one of my dream, fully living it and try not to be broken when it ends. This last part is the hardest one, because I still have confidence in human being and above all in the beauty of my dreams.

I should be used to lose everything I care for. I’ve always been the second choice, the easy replaceable one, this killed my confidence. I should I’ve known I was destined to fail since when I was a child and while watching the anime Candy Candy, I hoped that her and Terence got married. A lame character ruined my childhood dream couple and that had became a constant of my life that a some point a whorish whining female being came to steal my loving one. Maybe one who drinks celery juice and loves cardio.

Sorry for the stream of consciousness: I’m reading “Ulysses” again.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Dreams- The Cranberries



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