“Why walk when you can fly?”

I often read that people are unhappy because they aim too high or cultivate impossible dreams, that’s why they get easily frustrated; the advice given is always the same: focus on what you have and try to be happy with that.

I absolutely believe in finding happiness in little thing, because in the end, life is made of them, but I don’t agree with this making do with what we have. First because a human being without dreams is like a sea without water, second because we should try to make our life better one step at a time.

Yesterday I had a very bad day a sort of chain reaction originated by the same old problem, the only one out of my will: my filthy health. The pain from a toothache I can’t cure because I don’t have money since I can’t work, killed me and brought out a lot of other frustrations. First of them, not being in London to see Wheatus, there were also Ollie, JD and Sandy, so my crave to be there was bigger than usual. And today every pic or video of the gig, instead of making me happy, was a knife in the heart.

So, coming back to where I started, I don’t have big dreams: I just want to be healthy enough to get a proper job, earn enough money for what I need and leisures. And above all not to be forced in an abusive relationship only because I’m in need. I’m tired to be treated like shit only because I don’t earn money.

Sorry for the rant, when I started this blog I didn’t mean to turn it in a safety valve, but writing is the only thing that brings me relief.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Couldn’t be there- Gabrielle Sterbenz feat Lizzie Brown


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