“There is much to support the view that it is clothes that wear us, and not we, them” Virginia Woolf

A few days ago I saw a video of a man complaining against women’s clothes sizes, his body was average and he said he wore a Medium. That T-shirt fitted perfectly to his wife who, instead, had to buy an XL in female clothing.

First of all big up to such a concerned husband whose aim was to point out how a wrong concept of sizes makes girls feel uncomfortable. Second, this confirm my theory: I have the same upper body size since I was 15, I have many T-shirts at my parent’s place from that lapse of time that still fit me perfectly and they’re an XS/S an Italian 40/42. So, how’s that possible that now I have to buy a Medium?

I went to one of those franchisees for young girls with a friend because a wanted to try on a nice pink shirt that was in theshowcase, but with the Small I could barely breathe, so I asked for a Medium. The shop assistant looked at me as if I asked for a dragon egg, then disappeared in the storage room and then came back saying in a disgusted voice “in THAT size we only have brown items”. As if to say ” you’re a fat whale who doesn’t deserve to wear cute colours”. Then she asked to my friend if she needed something and she answered laughing that she wanted a large, but that she’d better shut up”.

So, girls and women: don’t let a number or a letter define what you are. Don’t think you’re fat only because you wear a large: I weight 50kg and I wear a medium.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Big girls cry- Sia


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