“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary” – Oscar Wilde

I spend a lot of time in doctors and hospitals’ waiting rooms where people keep on talking to me despite of my book and earplugs (without mentioning my “why isn’t my glance killing you?”). Generally they are old people complaining about their diseases, funny how I often feel worse than them, but the most annoying peeps are those who resort to clichés. Same issues, same discussions where everybody is right and wrong at the same time, for there isn’t an universal truth, every opinion is valid. But people still like attacking or trying to prevaricate the others with their points of view and honestly this isn’t a conversation. I love talking to open minded people, no matter if their opinion is different from mine, we shouldn’t talk to people in order to have them changing their minds, but to enrich both viewpoints.

The aim of this post was another. At the doctor’s waiting room I met an old man who looked at me for a while and then frankly said me that I wasn’t happy. So I told him about my sickness, but he insisted that besides my health’s problems I wasn’t happy. That probably I was in love with another person and for odd reasons we weren’t together. I denied because it’s something difficult to explain. Same story why it’s hard to make people understand why I don’t move over from the abusive relationship I’m in. I was shocked that he might have understood me so well with a simple gaze and since he wasn’t there anymore when I came back from my visit, I think he was a sort of Angel or another entity. Hahaha, ok, I should stop watching AHS.

And, yeah, I know, I deserve to be treated like a Princess, loved and understood, supported and appreciated. But the sad story is that my Prince charming is committed to another person, as I am: maybe we will be together in another and happier life.

In my actual one I found another ginger addition, thanks Nialler for that. It’s Gavin James, a very talented Irish songwriter. Amazing voice and heart ripping lyrics. Enjoy.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I don’t know why- Gavin James




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