“All monsters are human”

My laptop died again, it is surely as sickly as its owner (while my phone has the auto correct as dirty as my mind since it always turns Skype into skyporn, croutches into crotches and so on).

So I couldn’t read any book and I couldn’t finish watching American Horror Story Freakshow, that caught my attention since episode 1. Oh no, I’m not victim of the fascinating Evan Peters, I’m into drummers you know, not into actors; I only liked it a lot because it distracted me from my health issues and because it has a deep message.

The supposed monsters are just kind and big hearted people with physical deformities, who only wish for a normal life and look for an integration in that society that confined them into the striped tent of a freakshow.

The real monster of the show live outside the circus, they are those who appear “normal”, people that society receives, accepts, justifies and often thinks they are role models. But leaving aside the tv show: how many times after a killer has been caught, the most frequent sentence we hear about them is “he/she was kind/nice/polite” “he/she seemed so normal”. We should reflect more about what “normal” means, honestly to me it doesn’t affect the physical aspect or the mental development, it’s something related to feelings and behaviour. And I know so many monsters, so many human monsters…

TRACK OF THE DAY: Life on Mars? Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars from AHS Freakshow



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