“They lived and laughed and loved and left” James Joyce

Honestly after reading about the most recent facts, I can’t avoid remarking what I said yesterday: all monsters are human; our society is dominated by hate and that’s scaring and painful.

Bad day for my aching body too, so I tried to distract myself from it by doing a bit of my Wreck This Journal and by trying to face again Finnegans Wake by Joyce.

First part was easy, I’m not good at drawing, but it relaxes me a lot. Here’s my bad portrait of Twisty the clown from AHS Freakshow.

CmcM06dXEAA09J-.jpg large

Second part was challenging, but I think I found the right way to go through Joyce’s work. He wrote Finnegans Wake in 17 years and it is said that he expected the reader to spend the same amount of time on it. Moreover he said that it would have kept critics busy for at least 150 years. I must admit that things are easier and less frustrating since I stopped the analytic approach and I read it following the musical flow of words. In the end Joyce was a writer, but he also loved music a lot, he was a good tenor.

And if you don’t try to understand its literary puns, the book is much more pleasant. I have a theory about it: what if Joyce wanted to jerk critics and readers around with a nonsense work just because he knew they will have received it as a masterpiece and will have spent hours and words trying to decript it? I’m sure his aim was this and moreover I’m sure he hid in the novel a meaning nobody will ever find.

So if you want to read Finnegans Wake, enjoy(ce). You can listen some good Celtic punk while reading as well.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I got laid on James Joyce’s grave- Black 47


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