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“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one” Mother Teresa

One of the endless polemic I read on socials in these days, regarded the opportunity of giving money for the earthquake surviving: where will the euros recollected by solidal sms would go and if banks or providers would make money out of it.

As I’ve already said, this is a licit doubt, not only when there are big charity acts like that, but also in our daily life, when we decide to do something for the others. My advice is to choose a charity you can feel you can trust, get informations about how it operates and if possible, get in touch with people who work for it. Check their work, what they did in a concrete way, because it’s easy to use nice words and kind images, but here only facts matter. And then start giving.

The charity I chose and support is Food for the hungry that I got to know through JD and whose work is so important and effective. But they need your help to end poverty one community at a time. Check their work here and think about that.

My friend Tonya sponsors a child called David so I’ve also the evidences of what FFH does through her story. I’m going to be blessed with a sponsored child soon, I will share my exprerience with you (obviously respecting her privacy).

If anyone wants more informations on how sponsor a child, visit this link you will help not only a child, but also their family and their community for around 1€ per day.

I’ve got other charities I personally trust because I know people involved in them, I will list them in another post.

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“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” Jacqui Rivait

When I started this blog I promised myself that my motto would had been “Nulla dies sine linea” that is the Latin for “no day without writing” because I needed to vent, to express myself and because writing is therapeutic.

I clearly disattended my purpose because I didn’t consider family commitments, my shitty health and above all the most dangerous enemy: the human desire to complain endlessly. During this month I opened WordPress countless times, vomited here a few words and deleting them immediately. Because honestly, my main topic lately are medical stuff, any sort of pain, frustration and depression; so instead of reading here, you’d better watch Grey’s Anatomy, at least there are some handsome guys and it’s more entertaining.

And inside things aren’t going better: JD moves to Los Angeles and thinking that today it’s his last day in the UK, tears me apart. This had been my other main topic when pain gave me a rest and something I’m always complaining about and that’s boring for you.

Funny life, isn’t it? That’s why I chose silence, because it’s a great thing everybody underestimates.In these sad times for my beautiful country, ripped apart by an earthquake, too many people have lost the opportunity to stay silent. I was disgusted of the lack of respect I saw on socials (mainly on Facebook) were the only aim was to argue, with everybody, on everything.

Shhh, time to remain silent and act without bragging, because unless you are there digging or helping people, you don’t have the right to say anything, included me.

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