“The only way to help yourself is to help others” Elbert Hubbard

A few post ago I wrote about the commitment of Food for the Hungry in the hardest places of the world, talking about children sponsorship and how important it is since you can change their lives, but also their families’ and communities’.

I talked about how JD is using his visibility and popularity to spread the world about this issue, he even gave the chance to people to win his drum kit if they were involved in sponsorship or in simply giving any kind of help to the project. The community of his sponsored child Evaride, graduated out of poverty, so JD is trying to get the same amazing result for other villages even if the bond with his child is still so strong that he even named his band after him.

I am the proud sponsor of a seven years old girl from Rwanda, called Divine. She likes drawing and her task before school is to provide clean water for her family. I can’t show her face due to privacy, but I can assure she’s a pretty girl with a smart gaze. I was beyond excited when I got her first letter with the sketch of her hand and honestly at first we think it is us to help them, but to be frank the biggest change happens into us, the sponsors. We get in touch with a reality we often only see on tv and that looks anonymous, almost fictional. Getting to know a child, their family and community, put things in perspective and helps us to understand that with a dollar a day, we can produce a big change in their life. The help is not only economic: having someone who trusts in them, who’s interested in their progress at school or in life, who remembers them in their prayers, is very important for the emotional and spiritual growth of these kids.

They become a big part of our lives, they make us rich, they are our faraway family members. Well, if there is a negative side of sponsoring a child, is that letter take so long to get to them and vice versa, unfortunately many villages are in remote zones, hard to reach, so it may take a three months between a letter and another.


At the moment sponsorship is for US citizens only, but check this link to know more and to get involved https://www.fh.org/give/josh

                         Sponsor a Child in Nyagihanga Today!

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