“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor” Suzanne Collins

As you can notice, I change mood often. Today was a high pain day, I was emotionally down, but texting to my special medicine, gave me the strength to face this day. And this reinforces again my theory, according to which, any random kind of kindness or any supportive act, could have a positive effect on the recipient’s mood or day.

Talking about positive things, here we come to today’s topic: Ed Sheeran is coming to Italy, only one date in a quite small venue, so getting the tickets was worse than winning the Hunger games. I had my future  tickets paid by a generous person, so I only had to be that lucky to get them (and hope in a low pain day on the gig’s date).

Besides of this not interesting information, what I really wanted to say is that this time we experienced the shameful thing called secondary ticket sellers, that always happens when there are big events (Coldplay, U2, Red Hot and so on). The tickets are gone in five/ten minutes and it’s not the fans that get them, but those scammers sites who buy a lot of tickets and sell them again, overpriced.

This must end, but unless people stop buying from these sites, it won’t happen. At my concert of The Cure  I had a coveted seat and I was the only one who had her ticket bought from the official seller at the right price. I know you all are big fans, you want to see your idols and you don’t matter to pay a little (or much) more to see them, but in this way you’re only stoking the secondary tickets phenomenon.

It’s so sad reading angry tweets for those who couldn’t get the ticket, the illusion of those who got to put them in the cart, but when they confirmed, the system said they were already sold out. I know we have so many bigger problems in Italy and in the world, but music is something people hold on to and it should be easily affordable for everyone.

What about me? Were the “Edds” in my favour? I won’t tell you 😉

TRACK OF THE DAY: Castle on the hill-Ed Sheeran


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