“Books are a uniquely portable magic” Stephen King

Last Thursday it was World’s Book Day, the day in which most people brag to have read at classic, when they never have opened it in their life. I’m a bookworm since I was three, when I finally started reading on my own. I’m also a very fast reader, this is a blessing since I can perfectly optimise the hours spent in the doctor’s waiting room, but also a curse, for I always need new books. Luckily I can satisfy my constant desire of reading by borrowing books at the public library, I’m sorry for the librarians who have to see my ugly face every now and then and who try to keep me away as long as possible, by suggesting me huge volumes.

There are three books that marked the different stages of my life. The first is “Little Women” by Louise-May Alcott: I was 7/8 when I read it and I immediately identified myself with Jo March, she was exactly the person I wanted to be. She wasn’t girly, she refused to conform to society and she wanted to be a writer. And in the following books she also married the man she loved without caring about age gap or other people’s opinion.

The second book I read when I was 12, is “The diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank. Despite of the huge differences due to the historical situation and her condition, I totally bonded with her. She was me and I was her, since we felt the same things: intolerance for our family members and adult, first love problems, facing period for first time and above all, the love for writing and the fact we both kept a diary.

I read “100 Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcìa Màrquez when I was 15 and when I finished it I thought that it was the kind of book I wanted to write. It opened me the magic gates of South American Literature and Gabo was quickly flanked by the immense Isabel Allende, Julio Cortazar, Mario Benedetti and Eduardo Galeano. During high school I developed an insane passion for Joyce and later I fell in love with Sylvia Plath, Jeanette Winterson and Anais Nin (have I ever mentioned that I love erotica?).

For a late celebration of World’s book day, I leave you the link of a book I read last year and that I literally loved: https://www.amazon.it/dp/B01KPBNBG8?ref_=kw8_store_search_detail


The book is “Psy” and its author is the eclectic Joey Slater who’s also a songwriter and a band member both for Wheatus and Ventura Project. I will write a review of it soon: if you love young adult fiction and you know English, this is a must read book.

TRACK OF THE DAY: The Book of Love- Gavin James



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