“Speak softly, but carry a big can of paint” Banksy

I’m currently reading “Brick Lane” by Monica Ali and this made me nostalgic of a place in London I love a lot because it’s peculiar and always new.

This first part is dedicated to Brick Lane’s street art and consider it as partial since graffitis change continuously and since I’d need an infinite post to show you everything. Let me say that you can look for online guides that tell you where Banksy’s art is located, I think there are also guided tours, but the best way to get in touch into Brick Lane’s street art is to wander and to explore back streets and side streets looking for hidden gems.

The aim of street art is striking people’s attention, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know a thing about paintings or tendencies, you just need your eyes, an open mind and eventually, a camera.




Those above are works by the Austrian street artist HNRX, who works with his own brand of comic-surrealism.




These are works from another well known artist, the Chilean Otto Shade, who has mainly two styles. The first, also you can see in the “Love Is…” graffiti, is a ribbon effect, often interlaced with words; in this street art the red meerkat is made of laces with the names of the cities. Another way of expressing his art, is painting a silhouette in an orange/yellow circular shape on a black background as you can see above. These kinds of works have a strong political or social message.


The former station of Shoreditch in Pedley street, is covered in a stunning Star Wars art by Jim Vision and other fantastic works by various artists.


Here’s various works. In the centre there is Charlie Burn’s portrait by Ben Slow in Bacon street. On the top left, Bohk green figure with oxygen mask, that was in Pedley Street and has been replaced by a graffiti by Kaes. On the top right, the out of this world Fanakapan’s Helium elephants mural. Bottom left art from 2014 by Decolife and on the right, a cloud vomiting rainbows by Ronzo, located in Fashion street.


Art in Brick Lane is not only graffiti and paintings, here’s some examples in Ely’s yard, my friends were fascinated by the winged round green bomb on the white car.


Walls are often covered in stickers with the most iconic people, characters or poignant messages.


The mosaic mural artwork representing the range of religions in the community by children of local schools.


More arts to make you eager to explore Brick Lane.

TRACK OF THE DAY:What the Water gave me- Florence and the Machine




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