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“A good husband makes a good wife” John Florio

Yesterday I was walking and I found a crumbled sticker on the ground: it was from the collection every kid in my city is doing and I thought it was weird that a sticker that maybe would help someone to complete their album, is considered a waste from another.

And my mind wandered as usual. How many of us are prisoner of the wrong relationship, loving the person that isn’t meant for us, while the one that has our red string of fate tied to their pinky, is committed with the wrong person as well? Because there’s no worse feeling that finding the right one at the wrong time, or realising that we’re caged in a relationship that isn’t for us, that we are in love with someone else and we can’t get rid of the actual one.

I wish love was easier and that we could all find our significant other, the one fate destined to us. Mine is a very sad story for I’m into an abusive relationship with no way out.

But, luckily there still are happy couples who restore my faith in love; we need to celebrate love, above all now that hate seems affecting every side of our lives. I never care about private lives of artists because, well, the word explains itself: “private”, but I want to make an exception congratulating Sandy and Shanna who celebrated their UK wedding on Saturday. They really spread true love, I hope that God will bless them with peace, content and joy from above. Have a happy family guys!

Ps. The bride and the groom were gorgeous, but some of the guests were splendid too, I was glad to see many of my favourite people reunited in this picture.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Lovesong- The Cure


“A smile abroad is often a scowl at home” Alfred Lord Tennyson

So, I recently found out the benefits of oil pulling. I’m not going to annoy you with the history or the ancient roots of this oral detoxification and I’ll go straight to the main point: does it works? After only a week of it, I can fiercely answer: yes, it does.

I got to know oil pulling thanks to JD who sponsors and expensive brand expertised in it, he probably had the set for free and was forced to say how much incredible it was. Then I thought, why should I spend 25€ for a two weeks program? And I searched for oil pulling on the web. I was amazed to find out that it was good not only for whithening teeth, but mainly for the health of the whole gums. And above all I discovered that my 5€ jar of coconout oil was perfect for that purpouse.

The process is simple, but it requires perseverance: you have to swish in the mouth a tablespoon of oil (I use coconout oil because it has a nice taste and a lots of benefits, but also sesame oil is good) for 15-20 minutes in the morning before eating or drinking anything. Some people complain about gag reflex (well I feel bad for your men), but honestly I had no problems.

Don’t swallow the oil because it’s full of all the bacteria it has literally sucked out from your mouth and spit it out in the trash cause coconout oil can clog up your plumbing. Then rinse your mouth with warm water (some add salt to improve antimicrobial properties) and at last brush your teeth.

The benefits claimed are many, included preventing cavities, boosting immune system and healing cracked lips. From my experience so far I can confirm it improves the quality of the breath, whitens teeth heals bleeding gums and reduces inflammation.

It’s really worth a try.

TRACK OF THE DAY: You’re never fully dressed without a Smile- Sia



“Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students” Charles Kural

I attended an experimental school and I was looked with suspicion by those attending traditional schools, both us students and professors were considered revolutionaries. I owe much to my teachers in high school, for the most part innovators of knowledge, they educated us to reason on things, to make connections, to break the mold. This creative vision of knowledge has come up against the monolith and conservative monster called University that rewards those who have more memory rather than the ones with a lively mind. That’s why I never finished it.

For the weekly contest we had to get inspiration from the painting Blue Soul by Chagall so I wrote a little homage to my life teachers that hasn’t had a great success given, especially, due to the presence of magnificent stories.

Here it is: first in English, then in Italian.

Blue Soul

“I drew a turtle with glasses: it resembled so much the art teacher that I could not hold back a laugh.
-Marina, do you find Chagall funny? -hammered a voice behind me- Come to illustrate “Blue Soul” to the class!
I did not remember anything, so I improvised.
-She’s Ada, him Mario. When they’re together they are seemingly floating in a unique space, wonderful and all theirs, above the clashes with parents, duties, or people’s chatters. Everything is at a standstill: only them have color, only them can move; time instead of being marked by the passage of the hands, it is marked by the beating of their hearts.
My teacher interrupted me, smiled.
-You, like Chagall, look at reality with eyes able to see another world where lovers fly and professors are olde tortoises: don’t ever miss this imaginative and visionary power.
He put the caricature in the register and continued the lesson as if nothing had happened.”

Anima Blu

“Disegnai una tartaruga con gli occhiali: somigliava così tanto al prof di arte che non riuscii a trattenere una risata.

-Marina, trovi divertente Chagall?-tuonò una voce alle mie spalle- Vieni ad illustrare Anima Blu alla classe!

Non ricordavo niente, per cui improvvisai.

-Lei è Ada, lui Mario. Quando sono insieme è come se fluttuassero in uno spazio unico, meraviglioso e tutto loro, al di sopra degli scontri con i genitori, dei doveri, delle chiacchiere della gente. Tutto è fermo: solo loro hanno colore, solo loro si possono muovere; il tempo anziché essere scandito dallo scorrere delle lancette, è marcato dai battiti dei loro cuori.

Il mio insegnante mi interruppe, sorrideva.

-Tu, come Chagall, guardi la realtà con gli occhi dell’anima riuscendo a vedere un altro mondo in cui gli innamorati volano e gli anziani professori sono delle testuggini: non perdere mai questa forza visionaria e immaginativa.

Mise la caricatura nel registro e continuò la lezione come se non fosse successo niente”

TRACK OF THE DAY: Another brick in the wall- Pink Floyd


Privacy is the ultimate luxury

When I’m sick I try not to write, that’s why so much silence (in addition to the sudden death of my beloved pc), nothing goes right, I could fill pages about how much I would like to be in London or around the world with JD, but I hate those who complain without acting, so I prefer staying quiet.

I use to let the steam off by writing fanfics, but I miss the inspiration. In short: a tragedy!

This morning I woke up with two thoughts: “I need someone to donate me Zayn Mind of Mine” and “Why are people stupid?”

Lately I’m intolerant of those who criticize without knowing, I’m against the logic of the group against a single person, I don’t like those who belioeve that their thinking is the best or those who give advice without having walked in your shoes. And I hate so much  those who think that just because one is an artist, they should not have privacy or d0n’t deserve respect. If only they knew what it is like … What unleashed my anger was discovering that some fans (?) violated the iCloud account of Harry Styles’ mom and leaked the photos she had on her phone. I find this a terrible lack of respect that I won’t ever get used to.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Uncover-Sara Larsson


“The wish for healing has always been half of health” Seneca

Too bad that my desire to stay healthy can do nothing against all the sicknessess that afflict me and staying in Latin area, I would add that gutta cavat lapidem. As well as various personal mess and depression that doesn’t leave me alone, I discovered a lump where my mom had cancer and therefore it should be removed immediately.

These are days where I oscillate between wanting to die and the will to do it against my body rowing against me. Luckily I have my best friend, JD, music, books and the ability to put in writing what I feel, otherwise the nonlife would have had the better of me.
I promise that the next article will be of general interest and not focused on this poor ugly duckling who will never become a swan. Stay tuned. (Recently a thirteen years old infected me with the “Unicorn Song”, so I addStay strong, stay calmy, stay ciccipalli ).


TRACK OF THE DAY: Canzone dell’unicorno-Tristram




“Cute without the e”

Last night, after the shower, I looked at my reflection in the mirror, took the scissors and chopped off my hair that reached my mid-back and which was my only pride. I don’t know what came over me, but for sure the fact that I can no longer use the refusal of food to calm my neuroses, played a big part in it.

In the past years I used to starve myself and I could stay a couple of days only drinking a cup of tea in the morning and being ok. Now even skipping one of the five small meals the gastroenterologist recommended me, causes me excruciating pain and if it comes to dinner, it leads to a sudden awakening in the middle of the night with nausea and vomit.

For years anorexia has been the silent method I used to kill me every day without committing suicide and today I must admit I feel quite “lost” without it. Luckily I have a lot of things that distract and help me and a few caring people who always have my back. Of course they’re not my family (they even haven’t noticed that I cut my hair), but I don’t care: as I stated in another post, I stopped letting people having power over me.

The dichotomy between real life and my dreamed one is wide and it hurts realizing that I’ve found out why I really want only now that I no longer have the right age, the means and the health to go out there and grab it. I’m not ungrateful, I know that if you observe me from the outside I look like a lucky person because it seems that I have everything. And in that “it seems” lays my whole world.

TRACK OF THE DAY: It Never Ends- Bring me the Horizon

“I can’t think without my glasses” Vivienne Westwood

Except my love for the iconic Vivienne Westwood, I can safely say not to follow fashion and I dislike fashion bloggers and those who praise them; I don’t need anybody to tell me what to wear.

I have a flat and uniform way of dressing, and yet I have an insane passion for striking prints and bold colours, I really like them (on the others, of course). This reflection on fashion is born from the fact that Tom has recently started wearing the clothes of a young British designer (just 24 years) whose menswear collections are an explosion of colours. My favorite thing is that, not only the company is based in London, but that all production takes place in England; creative process and manufacturing take place in one country as opposed is happening to to many Italian fashion brands.

As well as I support Indie artists, I speak willingly of this designer called Rachel James, her past collection was inspired by the world of flowers, but now she is working on new prints and judging by the shirt that Tom displayed in Las Vegas last night, the result will be amazing. Good luck!


TRACK OF THE DAY: Vogue- Madonna