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“When it rains, look for rainbows; when it’s dark, look for stars”

Many negative things happened. Climate disasters and war threatens, my city affected by a flood that caused nine deaths and an incalculable amount of damages and, of course, personal problems. I’m at one point that even the sudden death of both the heathen and the wash machine, becomes the stick that broke the back of the camel, where the camel is my depressed self.

Let’s be honest: popular, inspiring quotes, like the one I wrote as a title, are useful until one point. If something bad happens, it’s perfectly fine to acknowledge that it’s a negative thing and to feel sad about it. No shame if you can’t see the bright side every time.

It is also said that attitude is everything and that’s could be true in some ways (I’m witnessing the amazing recover of a friend of mine who defeated tongue cancer and despite a long and complex surgery, she’s back to her normal life). Sometimes a positive attitude, looking for the good in every situation or being a fighter, is not enough, because there are things that are out of our control. I’m learning not to stress over them too much, but it’s very hard.

And here it comes my personal contribution to this topic: if it’s true that it isn’t the load that’s going to break us down, but it’s how we carry that load that is most important, I want to add that it’s even more important WHO helps you to carry that load.

Surround yourself by people who believe what you say, who are able to put themselves in your shoes, who are supportive without being too indulgent, who can give you a shook without being rude. As I said many times, I’m lucky to have it all. My lovely, precious friend from the other side of the pond, proposed me a different kind of the gad game: every day I must send him a picture or telling him something that made me happy or just made me smile. Some days it’s hard, but so far I’ve always completed my task even if the temptation to use JD screens is often there. Is it a fault that he plays a big part of my happiness?

TRACK OF THE DAY: Shake it out – Florence + The Machine



“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim”-Nora Ephron

It is said that the third Monday of the year, it’s the saddest day of all, so, what a better moment to start with a change? I know it’s a bit too late for New Year’s resolutions, but I’m always jet lagged so I’m late for everything.

I had a horrible 2016, made of pain, worries, depression and bad health and I really want to overcome those dark feelings trying to fight negativity with more intensity. I know this won’t heal my physical pain, but at least it will stop me for having mental breakdowns due to it; I also know that a positive attitude won’t change my life or give me some money. First of all I should learn to complain less and be more grateful for what I have: for example, today I was upset because I can’t see the You Now streamings due my old phone that can’t be updated, then I tried to calm down thinking that I’m lucky if I have a phone and an internet connection.

This is the so called, Pollyanna’s “glad game” (no matter what happens, there’s always something to be glad about), but I have to warn you that it works only for little trivial problems, because it’s very hard to find the positive aspect in a bad experience. So expect me to disattend my aim very often.

While working on a better me, I planned two things that will be helpful reminders of my goal. The first is a jar where I put all the blessings I’ll get through 2017 (I already filled it with a lovely trip to my beloved London and a couple of things related to JD); the second is getting inked with The Script’s lyrics “Every day, every hour. Turn the pain into power“. JD said he’s going to handwrite it for me, but knowing him I can’t rely on this thing too much: he’s the King of unattended promises. However I’m not in a hurry: I have to defeat the fear for needles first.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Hall of Fame-The Script