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“The only way to help yourself is to help others” Elbert Hubbard

A few post ago I wrote about the commitment of Food for the Hungry in the hardest places of the world, talking about children sponsorship and how important it is since you can change their lives, but also their families’ and communities’.

I talked about how JD is using his visibility and popularity to spread the world about this issue, he even gave the chance to people to win his drum kit if they were involved in sponsorship or in simply giving any kind of help to the project. The community of his sponsored child Evaride, graduated out of poverty, so JD is trying to get the same amazing result for other villages even if the bond with his child is still so strong that he even named his band after him.

I am the proud sponsor of a seven years old girl from Rwanda, called Divine. She likes drawing and her task before school is to provide clean water for her family. I can’t show her face due to privacy, but I can assure she’s a pretty girl with a smart gaze. I was beyond excited when I got her first letter with the sketch of her hand and honestly at first we think it is us to help them, but to be frank the biggest change happens into us, the sponsors. We get in touch with a reality we often only see on tv and that looks anonymous, almost fictional. Getting to know a child, their family and community, put things in perspective and helps us to understand that with a dollar a day, we can produce a big change in their life. The help is not only economic: having someone who trusts in them, who’s interested in their progress at school or in life, who remembers them in their prayers, is very important for the emotional and spiritual growth of these kids.

They become a big part of our lives, they make us rich, they are our faraway family members. Well, if there is a negative side of sponsoring a child, is that letter take so long to get to them and vice versa, unfortunately many villages are in remote zones, hard to reach, so it may take a three months between a letter and another.


At the moment sponsorship is for US citizens only, but check this link to know more and to get involved https://www.fh.org/give/josh

                         Sponsor a Child in Nyagihanga Today!

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“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one” Mother Teresa

One of the endless polemic I read on socials in these days, regarded the opportunity of giving money for the earthquake surviving: where will the euros recollected by solidal sms would go and if banks or providers would make money out of it.

As I’ve already said, this is a licit doubt, not only when there are big charity acts like that, but also in our daily life, when we decide to do something for the others. My advice is to choose a charity you can feel you can trust, get informations about how it operates and if possible, get in touch with people who work for it. Check their work, what they did in a concrete way, because it’s easy to use nice words and kind images, but here only facts matter. And then start giving.

The charity I chose and support is Food for the hungry that I got to know through JD and whose work is so important and effective. But they need your help to end poverty one community at a time. Check their work here https://fh.org/work and think about that.

My friend Tonya sponsors a child called David so I’ve also the evidences of what FFH does through her story. I’m going to be blessed with a sponsored child soon, I will share my exprerience with you (obviously respecting her privacy).

If anyone wants more informations on how sponsor a child, visit this link https://fh.org/give/sponsor you will help not only a child, but also their family and their community for around 1€ per day.

I’ve got other charities I personally trust because I know people involved in them, I will list them in another post.

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“Nothing can be done without hope and confidence” – Helen Keller

Please watch the video before going on reading. It will explain this serious issue better than me and images are more effective than words.

I’ve always been fairly distrustful on charities because I’ve always asked myself if that money would have gone where needed or just wasted, but since JD started being involved with Food4theHungry, a non-profit organization that aims to end world hunger, I could see how serious this organisation is and how effective. So I visited their site and my trust was restored: their aim is to end poverty one community at a time and since the first embryonic stage of society is family, their purpose is to help families to have means and competence  and to develop their skills to grow up in order to be able to help community. It’s amazing to see how with a single action, you can be solving multiple problems!

Food4The Hungry projects are many and all important, you can:

    • Sponsor a child. With the small amount of $35 each month you can change not only the life of your sponsored child, but also their family and community. Indeed through your sponsorship, you’ll help Food for the Hungry in assisting your child’s entire community to provide food, a better education, clean water and medical treatment to its children. Please notice that at the moment sponsoring a child is only for the US, but on the site there’s a form you can fill if you live elsewhere.
    • Help unsponsored children have opportunity for food, clothes, and education.
    • Help disaster survivors receive shelter and food immediately.
    • Provide FH community members with tools and everything they need to grow trees and training to help families grow vegetables in a harsh climate.
    • Provide school supplies
    • Give the gift of cool, clear and clean water to a community through water purifying packets or filters.

But one of the most important thing is that this charity brings hope even in the hardest places and demonstrates that if you are actually passionate to make a change and to actually try to affect people’s lives in a positive way, you can, even if you’re a common person.

As regarding JD, people consider him a celebrity, but he’s just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary heart. And it’s a very good thing he turned into an influencer, because it’s important to shift his audience’s attention on things bigger than his work. That’s why he and Jeff Gilbert made this journey to Rwanda and made this video so we can to learn more about Josh’s plan who invited his fan base into his astounding work with Food4The Hungry. So in March, Josh visited Rwanda to meet Evaride, the child he personally sponsors through FH. His journey was documented as the first part of the documentary series “The Hardest Places.” This video will be used in a full social media campaign to raise money and awareness for FH.

I wish I wasn’t unemployed due to my health, I’d love to be part of this big project and devolve the money I spend for my meds and cures for a higher plan. So the only support I can give is to spread the word because if JD used his social influence, I could use blogging.

Please get involved, share this and feel free to ask me anything about this project.

And yet HOPE remains.