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“Stop making stupid people famous”-Unknown

I’m broke and I have a horrible health, so I’m always looking for opportunities to make money working from home. Browsing the web I found out about people who became rich thanks to their blogs or vlogs. And browsing more, I found out the existence of the so called influencers. I learned that many bloggers achieved the influencer status through their blogs, but that not all influencers have a blog.

Many of them provide useful tips, tell interesting things or are funny without being stupid. Unfortunately, above all regarding Italy, the most famous bloggers/vloggers talk about nonsense and as regarding influencers, in the social media there are large number of people who are unworthy of such honour. Through Instagram I saw many of them at Milan Fashion Week (but it could be any event) and the way they were seeking paparazzi attention, was embarassing, I found pathetic the fact that they were constantly changing their outfits during the shows in order to get more pictures. I don’t know nothing about fashion, but the way influencers dress is not fashionable at all.

Let’s be honest: people who are viewed as social media influencers, don’t teach anything, they’re followed by mainly young girls who see them as icons, who call them “Queen” or “my inspiration” and they end thinking that the most important thing is to wear brands for free just taking selfies or showing their bodies. Why do we reward stupidity?

So here’s my suggestion to fight this madness:

-Stop giving them attention. The more you adore (or hate) them you empower untalented people.

-Browse WordPress or a similar site and find blogs run by unknown people who have something to say. Talk to them, learn from them.

-Support indie artists and original makers and handmade creators,

-Write yourself a blog (or film vlogs) where you talk about inspirational things like books, travels, art and, why not, fashion.

Ps. If you want to know what I like to watch on You Tube, here’s Olive’s channel: she sings in Late Cambrian and in her vlogs, she proposes a lot of interesting topics using different registers. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYCUR_BNSrdC2GF3zB0ky9Q

If you need indie artists recommendations, ask me.

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“Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another”-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

If you have a look at my categories you will easily spot a spelling mistake “goddness” instead of “goodness”. I hate when I find out mistakes above all on Twitter where there isn’t the edit button, so I have to delete my tweet. I have no clue how to change the categories, so you have to bear it (and who knows how many more mistakes in my posts).

It could be easier to write in Italian, but it’s a language I don’t feel mine, I have an English mindset and honestly I use to speak more in foreign languages rather than in my native one.

I was a curious kid, I learned to read at 3 because I wanted to be able to read the books I wanted anytime and my mom was fed up of me always wanting new stories. When Italian lost all its attractives, I started asking myself what foreign languages meant and insisted to learn English instead of doing a stupid dance course. I wasn’t a genius, I was just smart and I ended to be average when I was 15, as it’s stated in John Green’s “Paper Towns”.

What never ended was my love for languages, my desire to know “what they are saying”, so I ended learning also French and Spanish. It is said that speaking more than a language improves multitasking abilities and it’s a good training for the brain who is forced to switch from an idiom to another, keeping itself active and healthy. Being multilingual for sure helps to understand and appreciate cultural references and nuances. There’s nothing better to read a book in the language it has been written or  being able to understand all the puns in a movie or a tv show.

My best friend is currently trying to teach me Dutch, but it’s difficult and I only learned swearing. We will see. Anyway I’m grateful for this gift of mine, even if I always feel uncomfortable when foreign people speak aloud on the bus or in the doctor’s waiting room, thinking nobody understands them, while I’m able to mind their business.

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